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Life of David Sermon Series

Posted by Steve Choi on

Life of David

This summer we kick off a new series of messages on the Life of David.  We’ll be going through 1 Samuel and encounter some very familiar stories and also some obscure ones as well.  This series is important because it will strengthen our faith and give us a better knowledge of who David was and ultimately who God is.  As we walk together through this series, keep your eyes and ears open to these 3 stories at work:

  1. God works through the ordinary like David and us.  David’s beginning reminds us of how God chooses the unlikely to do his will.  God doesn’t need anyone nor does is He impressed with man’s abilities. He uses the weak and ordinary to do God’s will.  God calls people like us to rely on Him and walk with Him.

  2. God keeps His covenant with His people.  God is faithful to His people, Israel. In their unfaithfulness, God calls a new king to guide them back to Him.  This is a story of God’s grace to us today.

  3. God’s redemptive history culminating in Christ.  The story of David goes way beyond just his life.  It is just a chapter in a greater story of Jesus Christ.  It is about the Son of David who will sit on the throne forever.  Jesus is the greater David who rules faithfully and bring his people to God’s presence.