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Posted by Sergio Gomes on


Prayer for the Christian today is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish. It is not because we don’t think it is important. Rather, I believe it is because we are so distracted by our phones/Netflix that it keeps us distracted and focused on other things. That is why if we want to gain a more consistent life of prayer, we must seek to intentionally do so by implementing practices that will increase our chances of praying.  

Based on Kent Hughes book, Disciplines of a Godly Man, I am going to outline some key principles that have helped me maintain a consistent prayer life.  

Creating a Prayer List: The number one thing that most people struggle with in the area of prayer is actually knowing what to pray for. Most of us, when we think/want to pray, struggle to think of people or situations to pray for. For me, my prayer list is built prior to the time I am ready to sit and pray. I usually build my list throughout the prior day. As I go about my day, God places people/situations in my heart and I usually type them on my notepad app on my phone.

Time/Place: Plan an intentional time and place of prayer.  Because I have three children and work most of the day, it can be very difficult to just sit down, focus, and pray. So in order for me to do so, I create an intentional space everyday on my calendar for prayer.

Quiet: The space/time that you select does not need to be quiet but it should be free from distractions. Personally, I usually sit at my dinning table away from my computer, phone, or anything else can pull my focus away from prayer.

Posture: This is something that is not often mentioned and can often seem awkward putting into practice.  However, emphasizing posture can increase how seriously you take this time. By posture, I mean how you position yourself: kneeling, sitting on the floor, head tucked between your arms, etc.

Length: Give yourself a set amount of time. It does not have to be hours at a time but the design is to be intentional with God and really seek Him out. Please keep in mind that length of prayer has nothing to do with depth of your time with God. But setting aside a specific start and finish time will increase the chances that this time of prayer will be repeatable and eventually become a common discipline displayed in your life.

In closing, I would also like to invite you to join us for our monthly prayer meetings on the first Saturday of the month in Brea, and the last Saturday of the month in Irvine.