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Why Join a Denomination?

Posted by Steve Choi on

Dear Crossway family, 

I thank God for every time I remember you. I shared some of these thoughts at our last member’s meeting. Would you join me in praying for our church and the possibility of joining a denomination in the future. Here is an excerpt from Kevin Deyoung I wanted to share with you. He gives some simple benefits of joining a denomination. Let’s pray together that God would continue to be glorified through Crossway.

Pastor Steve


Why join a denomination?

  • Accountability: Every church and every pastor of a local church needs accountability. If we believe that sin is a true reality, then we will strive to check it. And that often requires a voice outside of our own local church. Denominations provide structure with their policies, appeals process, confessions, and authority.
  • Unified Voice: There are times when a myriad of voices should be replaced with one strong voice. When an old or new heresy has emerged, it is helpful to belong to a denomination that can speak with one voice to this aberrant teaching. There are also moments when the church should speak to the state or to another group of churches; and denominations provide this possibility.
  • Unified Mission: Denominations allow for a concentrated and comprehensive approach for engaging in ministry. It is just easier and more effective to do missions, Christian education, planting churches, etc. with a group of churches who belong to one another and are united around the same theology. Their combined assets, both physical and spiritual, will far-outstrip anything they can do independently or by uniting with a handful of like-minded churches.
  • Fellowship: Don’t underestimate the advantages denominations provide for fellowship. Annual general meetings, regional meetings, and even denominational committee meetings can provide fellowship that is lacking for many pastors and churches. I have witnessed this often in the communities where I have pastored. In each locale, I have been contacted by area pastors looking for fellowship and a way to bring our churches together for some area events. Why? Because they see the need and have the desire for fellowship with like-minded men and churches. Belonging to a faithful denomination provides this.
  • Mutual Encouragement and Support: Every church and pastor needs to know that they are not alone. It is easy to get caught up in our own little corner of the world and feel quite isolated and as though there is nowhere to turn. Denominations can be useful in encouraging the work of the ministry and actually supporting that work in a significant way.[1]

[1] Adopted from Kevin DeYoung’s article, In Praise of Denominations. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevin-deyoung/in-praise-of-denominations/