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Crossway Blog

Recovering Our Awe

Posted by Paul Lee on

You and I were created with an innate desire to be in awe. It’s why we take vacations to go see distant lands and natural wonders. It’s why we spend extra money to eat at that 5 star restaurant. It's why we want the latest and greatest tech device. It’s found in the child who sees snow for the first time. It’s why everyone bought a powerball ticket this week. There is something in us that desires something greater, something amazing.

But the danger is when this awe is misplaced. Paul Tripp in his new book “Awe” says this:

“It is the worst kind of blindness. It’s the physical ability to see without the spiritual ability to see what you’ve seen. It’s the capacity to look at wonders, things specifically designed to move you and produce in you breathless amazement, and not be moved by them anymore. It’s the sad state of yawning in the face of glory.” (p.65 “Awe”, Paul Tripp)

Is your awe misplaced? Does the glorious nature of God and the amazing work of Jesus on the cross bring you to worship? Or are we unfazed in the face of glory?

Paul Tripp discusses these questions and answers how we can be live a life in awe of God practically; in our worldview, in our church, parenting, and work.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has been looking for awe in the wrong places and wants to grow in their awe of God.

Pastor Paul Lee

Click here to see this book in Amazon.